Brenda Starr of the Chevy Chase Patch

Remember reading comic books? I loved them. Brenda Starr: Reporter was one of my favorites.

I read her adventures and fantasized that I too would write for a newspaper.

The Christmas I was 14 Santa Claus brought me a Kodak brownie camera and I carried it to Piedmont Junior High School and everywhere else so that I could snap pictures of people and places. I never saw the pictures though because I did not have the money to have them developed - remember black and white film. Oh, well!

I still carry a camera in my purse - and fill it with digital images that I post here on this blog. To my way of thinking digital filmless photography is one of the greatest advances of the 20th century. At least in my world.

In 1985 I carried that vivid memory of Brenda Starr as I proudly wore a PRESS PASS for Women Artists News at the UN Conference on Women in Nairobi, Kenya and carried pen and paper everywhere. We did not call in any stories actually but we did have ACCESS to all the events

That's part of why I started my blog six years ago and love this place to write and publish. And, its free.

With that backstory you will understand how delighted I was recently when Laura Thornton, editor of the CHEVY CHASE PATCH invited me to be a blogger on her paper.
CHEVY CHASE PATCH is one of the on line local newspapers that are part of the nationwide PATCH system. Here is my first post.

I will be posting once a week and my head is swirling with ideas for covering many local people and places.

Taking pictures, yes, but I am not wearing my camera around my neck - just carrying my iPhone with the camera at the ready.

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