e. schoettler

Trying to catch up with paperwork.
I have come to the place where its so overdue - I can throw some away.
Now that's not all bad.
Would be better if I saw that in the first place and did not hang on to it.
To Clutter up the desk, the dining room table and my mind.

I need to remind myself who's boss here

I make these to-do lists myself.

Well, lady, its time to ease up a bit.

Do you cut yourself some slack?

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Anonymous said...

I'm really commenting on your 1/24 blog in which you reveal that Jim had a small stroke. I'm so clad the clot is dissolving and that he's getting the therapy help he needs. I always feel so much better when I have a name for what's happened. Don't you?

I'm glad you've been able to shift gears, Ellouise. It's hard to slow down and decide what's important and what's not. Both of you, keep it up. Love, Peggy