Tick Tick Tick

Trying to stay on a schedule this morning to make it on time to an appointment.
Decided to turn to my smart phone to keep me on track.

Set the TIMER on my iPhone for 15 minutes and then
Hopped into a nice warm bath with a good book.

Read a few pages
Then realized it felt longer than 15 minutes

Listened- all was quiet

No - -  tick tick ticking from my phone

You guessed it.

I set the Timer but
did not turn it on.

Just saying - - -yes, the iPhone is a smart phone...
 however it does not work alone.

Made it to my appointment - on time - by the skin of my teeth.

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sfbayareagirl said...


As usual, I love your story, love clocks and watches (strangely, I have very few!) and I LOVE the wedding photo. You and Jim look so happy and beautiful. Glad you found your wedding band… I always find things way better than change in my change pockets : )