Setting the story

Had a fun time telling stories with the group,
Better Said Than Done. Jessica Piscitelli, storyteller and CEO, does a great job of organizing these events. And the line up was marvelous - terrific stories from Geraldine Buckley, Vijai Nathan, Meredith Maslich, Derek Hills, Adam Ruben, Jessica, Jennifer Liu and David Hallissey -and me - - all veterans of Speakeasydc.speakeasydc.org

I told a story from my adventure at the UN Conference on Women, Nairobi, Kenya in 1985.

Loved working with the memories -

Forcing a longer story into 12 minutes -
     its gets leaner and crisper.
Have to use gestures and expression
     as well as words and voice to send the action home.

Work at seeing the pictures
and giving them in

Jim took these pictures -
so that I can see myself
telling the story.

That sets the story!


Granny Sue said...

Nice photos! Sounds like a great event, Ellouise.

Tim said...

Beautiful photos, Ellouise! May I post one on the photo blog I've started, Storytelling Looks Like This?