Love the iPhone

Rough and smooth
just like sailing on the seas of life.

1.  Gus is back. Telling "Finding Gus" today was very satisfying - especially to a warm and welcoming audience who embraced Gus.
2.  Appreciated the sunny blue skies today - gives me a jolt of positive energy.
3.  Having a really good time working on The New Front Porch radio show - toying with possibilities.
A new creative and challenging project is SWEET .....

Can't help myself. I love my iPhone.  Keep it near-by or in my pocket. Like being wired. Not surprising. The telephone has always been irresistible to me.

Mama gave me a dime as a safety measure so I could always call home. Long distance kept me in touch with my far away family. We even ran up a bill keeping in touch with our son when he was living in Europe. The miracle of communication. God Bless Alexander Graham Bell for his invention. Its a great connector.

But I have to admit the iPhone has limitations.

When I was reading through my contact list on my iPhone the other day - I realized - that half a dozen, maybe more  - of numbers on the phone can't be dialed on any phone. They require a celestial connection....

yet I cannot bring myself to erase them.

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