I am really excited about this new project. Working out plans. Setting up the information-highway to get the word out. Hope you will "like" my new FaceBook Page, The New Front Porch - that is where I will post info about scheduling and what's happening on the radio show.

Guess what. All this takes takes time so - -one of the reasons you have not heard anything from me for a while.

The New Front Porch will be on A World of Storytelling - an internet radio station - started by Don 'Buck P' Creacy, a Kentucky storyteller and now radio "wizard".  You can listen to it on the computer, on your car radio (with a connector you can buy at Walmart and other places), on your iPhone and iPad if you down load the APP. Anybody that has read this blog knows how fascinated I am by technology so they will not be surprised that I wanted to do something with this.

No denying I have a learning curve - so far as some of the technical issues are concerned - but, you know something - those challenges just make this project more attractive to me.

My plan is to have programs on the air in November - - you will be the first to know.

National Storytelling Festival - next week-end.

 For the past eight years Jim and I have started the month of October with a wonderful story-filled week-end in Jonesborough, TN for the National Storytelling Festival. It just won't work for us this year - and its hard to give up the storytelling pilgrimmage. I will be thinking about all the happy storytellers and story-listeners crowding the tents to listen - - particularly a few friends who will be telling at the Festival for the first time - Geraldine Buckley and Adam Booth on the Exchange Place Stage - and wonderful Megan Hicks who is a featured NEW VOICE. If you are there - take my advice - don't miss them.

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