Homage to Henri Matisse

You know something darlings - I have decided that now that I have celebrated my Diamond Jubilee - I can say more of what I think - as long as its real, true and doesn't hurt anybody. Just the ramblings of an aging Southern woman sitting on her Front Porch, right?

Reading a new book about "branding" and honestly, it just confuses me. Seven syllable corporate words that disguise meaning - and leave me "in the dark."

The author did bring in the revered Joseph Campbell and his well known advice  - "follow your bliss." I get that. I got it the first time I read it in the 1970s. Follow you bliss = follow your heart, do what you love - - even when its not THE thing of the moment.

Now that's hard - nobody ever said it wasn't - because somewhere there is a pay-off, whether its money or just approval, for being the flavor of the month. It takes true grit to stay on your own path.

In today's world - with the mega highway of information - how can an artist keep up with the shiftings and maintain a true "voice" or vision --- even more than that - how do they continue to make new work - to keep their work fresh?

It is a problem - not something we talk about - but all of us who love stories and go to listen often know that twinge of disappointment when we hear the same stories as "last time." Sometimes its a good feeling. Comforting. Like when we were kids and Mom or Dad read us the same story every night - - - but other times its a bit of a stinging let down.

Hey, I do it myself - tell the same story again and again - if it fits - because its easier, because I know it will do the job and that I can do a good job with it. Because I have not had time to write something new or to preview it, or to practice it. My bad.

Why am I thinking about this? Because I heard an excellent interview with Jeanne Robertson, the North Carolina Humorist and Speaker who has become a Phenom - through You Tube. And now is covering the country - leaving them laughing and happy and often times touched. Listen to what she has to say here - about her business - but more than that --- treat yourself to watching her videos on You Tube - good, clean fun from a very funny lady who leaves you wanting more.

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MissDazey said...

Isn't it grand to be our age and still follow our bliss. I am trying to figure out what mine is just now, but not afraid to go after it.