Its About Time

Its About Time
e. schoettler

If we were sitting together over a cup of coffee this is what I would be thinking and talking about.
My apologies. I just don't have any room in my wee brain for anything else than the following.

1. Enjoyed interviewing Maryland storyteller-poet Anne Sheldon today for Stories in Focus. Wide ranging conversation took off on its own. Now that's when its really fun. Her interview will air tomorrow evening at 10PM and Wednesday at 7PM - Channel 16, Montgomery County. I will post it here in a few weeks.

2. Working on Finding Gus for a performance this Wednesday evening. Tinkering with it a bit - and loving remembering my visit to Clemson U. last Spring - where he is remembered on a brick in the terrace in the Clemson Stadium. Still brings tears to my eyes.

3. Making progress on producing The New Front Porch internet radio program. Slowed by a steep learning curve! But enjoying the process of cutting and snipping audio tapes ---- into a new conversation! Collaging words.

4. Writing a new story for the "Better Said Than Done" program in Virginia next Sunday. Tweak! Tweak! Tweak!
Remembering Nairobi, a step back in time, and an adventure. All into 12 minutes! Now that is the trick.

tomorrow Jim and I are going to Baltimore - to Johns Hopkins Hospital for some deep conversations with folks who have big brains.
That's enough for one wee brain to hold.

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