My Ring is Back - where it belongs

Purple Circle
e. schoettler

In my collages I often work to balance disperate elements: just as in life.

My day began with a blessing.

Two weeks ago I lost my wedding band.
We have looked everywhere in this house - through clothing and pockets, purses, briefcases, as well as under rugs and furniture in every room. We vacuumed and sifted through the debris in the bag. Thought we were leaving no stone unturned.

I called on St. Anthony and St. Jude to lend a hand with the search; to help me find my ring.  I tried to remain calm while I came to accepting that, after 55 years, I had lost it.

Jim said, "we'll get you another one." "No. I don't want a replacement." Meaning - I want that one.

This morning when I sat down to neaten up my purse I reached into the zipper change section of my purse for coins to count.  When I opened my hand - my gold wedding ring gleamed in my palm along with the dimes and nickels.

Jim came running when he heard me scream. "Its my ring!" The tears I had been holding back for two weeks poured down my cheeks.

Yes, I had looked in the purse. Emptied it and checked it. Consider this - I never put my rings into that section of the purse if I am not wearing them.

Now its back on my finger. I feel whole again.


Debbie Couture said...

Amazing how you had looked in your purse and missed your ring. So happy to hear you have found it. St. Anthony always comes thru. My daughter has lost some many things and prayed to St. Anthony that she named her son for him.

Mary said...

Hurrah! I am so glad it chose to reappear. ;-)