3 Beautiful Things, Aunt Loretto, A silk piece, and a sign

My aunt, Loretto Diggle Lowry.
Jim and I had lunch with her when we were in Charlotte. I forget that she and our son Jim share a November 3 birthday - she has just turned 92 -
she so strongly favors her mother, Louise Cobb Diggle. If Nanny were here - we would oooh and ahhh over the resemblance.

Precious time!

A while back I gave this silk collage to my cousins, Pam and Jim
in Charlotte. When I saw it - hanging in their living room - well, I felt good. It had been quite some time since I had seen it - and I was proud. It is a "keeper". Pleased with the color choices. The silks are scraps from old Japanese kimonos that an artist-friend gave to me. They have a worn delicacy that makes the piece seem richer. Yep - I feel proud.

This Mint Hill, NC beauty shop sign is definitely one for my sign collection.

I goofed - and posted this video twice. Mea Culpa. But now I cannot delete it - or it will be removed from the blog and I do want it on the previous page. Please just ignore it and please forgive my "operator error."

The Photo Album - a story that literally fell into my lap.
This version was recorded at Speakeasydc last August.

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