R.I.P Tut

Louise Diggle Duncan
b. 1923 - d. November 15, 2010

Tut was the youngest of Sam and Louise Diggle's eight children.

Like so many families they gathered before the eldest, Lewis, shipped out during World War II.
Back row: L-r. Jack, Lewis, Sam. Robert
Front row: Catherine, Tut, Loretto, Louise, Mary Cobb and Betty.

I remember that afternoon. All the family was gathered. While the photographer took the portrait in the music room the grandchildren and their parents were on the other side of glass paned french doors in the living room. We kids howled and clammered to come into the out-of-bounds room.

Afterwards we ate.

I am so grateful they sat for this portrait - which has become a family icon.

For me - it is a moment frozen in time - when they were all young and beautiful and laughter filled the house - 826 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC.

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Anonymous said...

Ellouise, what a beautiful tribute… and the photos are just amazing! Thanks for sharing.