A Special Find

Salisbury, NC
A real find.

We had no more than turned into the historic downtown section when I spotted the Okey Dokey & Co General Store. Who could resist it. I pulled into a parking place next door.

One of the front windows was set up like an old-time
dining room.
We were drawn into the store which proved to be a treasure trove
of everything. Every inch crammed with
old stuff - the stuff of memories.
Story prompts.

Stacks of quilts
Vintage dresses

A lovely wicker rocker just waiting for
you to sit down.

This place has stories. The building is over 100 years old. There have been two owners. The current owner works to re-create the original feeling and interior with old everything. Movie folks come in and rent things to set up vintage environments. Movies have been shot in the store - some of The Color Purple and The Teen-age Vampire Cheerleaders

The place was cavernous - even the basement
was crammed with goods.
We and other people wandered through, poking in and out.

The young woman working there told me that there are "good spirits here. The ghost busters have been here. They say its filled with paranormal activity. I have felt them myself. If its quiet in here and I am alone I hear people walking back and forth on the wood floors - like they are shopping."

Wow. I loved this collection of old buttons, ribbons and findings.

The real WOW for me was this wonderful log-cabin quilt hanging from the ceiling.

The Okey Dokey General Store.
A special find.
We recommend it.
If you are driving down Hwy 85 - pull in.

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