More in Salisbury - Uncle Buck's and a wedding

When we walked out of the Okey Dokey General Store we were ready for a sit-down and some lunch. Lo and behold - right across the street -

Uncle Buck's All-American Cafe - just the kind of place Jim and I look for -

Inside Uncle Buck's was filled with surprises - the walls were covered with
a variety of mementos

I asked Brandy, our waitress, "where do these things come from?"
"The owners put them up ---and every thing on the wall has a story."

"Please tell us about the torn tee-shirt."

"One night there was a fight outside - an undercover cop was wearing that tee shirt and a woman tried to rip it off him - it was rough - but ended ok. No one was hurt. They asked for the cop's shirt, washed it and hung it on the wall. A memory."

The food was excellent - homemade potato chips, a good grilled cheese sandwich and Jim just had to try the menu item - rattlesnake soup. No - it was a beef chili and he was happy. Service was excellent.

After lunch my sister and I stopped in the Book Nook next door.
A great little bookstore. and I do mean little - nook is an apt name.

Kathy and I are book hounds so poking around the shelves was a
good finish to the sight-seeing.

Then it was time for the main event - my niece's wedding.

And all the family picture-taking that comes after.

For the album - -
Louie and Robert Diggle's kids.

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