Pushing Boundaries on the ODU Campus

Left Williamsburg and the sunshine in a more modern chariot and moved on to Norfolk -

Telling Pushing Boundaries at Old Dominion University.

Appreciated Old Dominion University bringing Pushing Boundaries to their campus for their Women Studies students.
Julie Dodd, Director of the ODU Women's Center told me she also marched on the Washington Mall in 1978 with the 100,000 women dressed in white to make an ERA statement. Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer was a really efficient and friendly contact in making everything run smoothly for me from the first call to finishing the program.

Ah, a couple of familiar faces in the audience: storytellers Norris Spencer and Lynn Ruehlmann. Nice of them to come to the show.

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Granny Sue said...

Congratulations, Ellouise! You are moving up and onward with your storytelling. Your hard work is paying dividends now.