November - Starting A New Month

Its going to be a busy month:

In November we DO birthdays.
Our 4 children were born in November - 3, 5, 10 and 27th.
When they were young there were lots of cakes made - one for each - and ONE big party.
A circus one year with a pony, an antique firetruck the year we lived in Chapel Hill. The firemen loved to bring it to parties and ride the kids around the area. Lots of fun -
Then - - as could be expected - as they got older - each wanted a party of their own - and the parties became smaller and smaller - - ah - - - that's how it goes.
Thinking back - I have to admit - Jim and I probably enjoyed "putting on" those parties as much - maybe more - than the kids.

Mid-month we go to North Carolina for my niece's wedding. My youngest sister's only daughter. Probably the last one of the "larger" family to get married.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone -
meeting the new babies born during this last year
and just catching up.
Mostly I want to be in North Carolina for a few days -
to feel that red clay under my feet - -
to hear those familiar accents - -
to water my roots.

56 years ago I boarded the Southerner and rode that train all night to Baltimore to start my new life at Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing.
Never dreaming I really would start a new life.

This year I have entered my 75th year.

Thinking a lot these days about the roads I have traveled,
the stories I have lived
and want to tell.

Hatching a plan for winding
my thread
- like Ariadne -
back along the path that led me away -

to retrace my steps
telling old stories and gathering new ones.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I loved this story! I didn't realize all your young uns were born in Nov!! What a fun and meaningful family month this is for you all. Made me think of some of the birthday parties we had for our two when they were little, as well.

Enjoy your trip to NC!!! Looking forward to seeing some of the photos.