A Quick Hello- 1940s Movies, Entering the 21st Century and a good book

Three Beautiful Things

1. Catching snatches of two 1940s British black and white spy movies that I had not seen before now. A treat to see a very young Glynis Johns. I really love these old movies - and would have liked to sit and watch every moment but I had something else going on.

2. I had a plan for today but it fell apart when I was lured into signing up for an emailing service. Entering the 21st century is going to be GREAT, I can feel it already. Every month I have been spending hours sending emails for a performance project I handle because I was riding on a square wheel. Lo-tech has been really aggravating and time consuming. So, instead of following my to do list I have been segmenting email lists - doing a chore to free myself from a chore. And, you know something - its cheap. The story of my life - keep surffering instead of checking into the possibilities. I know I am the only one who does that. right?

3. Reading Neil Gaiman's new book, The Graveyard Book and loving it.