Pre-Thanksgiving, Safeway and UPS

3 BT

1. Feeling virtuous for shopping very early at the Safeway which is empty at 7 am. Jim and I entered the store in the dark and left with the sun up. As the doors open for the day employees outnumber shoppers at least 7 to 1. Love it. The butcher has time to talk, a manager can direct me to the coconut and we pick from the newest and freshest. I don't mind the boxes that clutter the aisles as they re-stock. I like this better than long lines and playing bumper cars with the baskets.

2. Feeling good as we stopped off at the UPS on Connecticutt Avenue to drop off a two yeaer collection of used copier cartridges. I breathe a sigh of relief and say, "we've just made space." Jim tells me, "I have to buy more." Its an endles cycle - moving stuff out to make room for more to come in.

3. Enjoying some time with our grand-daughter. Nice to have the quiet time to talk or not - just to be together.

I spent most of the day laying the foundation for our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. There will be ten at our table so I was counting out china and silverware. Our grand-daughter came over to help with washing away the layer of dust on the dishes and shining the silverware.

Thanksgiving Dinner and all the trimmings is the annual ephmeral art work for millions of cooks. I used to say women but I know better than to be that careless these days. Many of these feasts are cooked by men.

Anyway, I am tired tonight. And I have just started. More will be revealed.