Go Figure - 3BT and Jim's Soup Recipe

Three Beautiful Things

1. Getting the hang of my new email program. I love technology - and I love it more when I figure it out.

2. Having a dear friend who understands and loves you even when you disappoint her.

3. Jim's Recipe for Yellow Split Pea Soup. Yesterday after I mentioned Jim's soup Granny Sue wrote and said - "you need to post the recipe." Last night I asked Jim. " I don't know it. I threw the bag away and that's what I use - the recipe on the bag of yellow split peas - that's it." Do you do anything special to make it so delicious? "No - I just follow their recipe - but I only make it when we have a ham bone - its not as good with just a ham slice."

That's it folks. When you have a left over ham bone buy the yellow split peas and follow what the bag says.

I will add that this time he diced the carrots, celery and onions into smaller pieces and I liked it better that way. It is always better the second day when it thickens. Its a hearty meal - and would be even more so - if you added Granny Sue's biscuits.

We discovered this soup by accident a couple of years ago when we were visiting our daughter in California. She has a large oval crock pot that calls out for soup. Jim, who has become the undisputed soup-maker in our family - decided to oblige. He drove down to the Safeway for the fixings. As he was un-bagging those he discovered that he had picked up yellow not green split peas. And voila - a new family favorite!

Another example of how a goof becomes a tasty gift - and a family story..