3BT, Storytelling, A Hot Bath, and LIAV

Three Beautiful Things
1. A day with 12 interesting women who have real- life fascinating stories and the generous spirit to share them -what more could you ask for? The storytelling/art workshop Josephne and I co-led at the NMWA today was surprising, invigorating, and very satisfying. The participants came ready and willing and open to what was offered to them. They ran with our suggestions and turned them into stories that enriched us all.

Have you heard people say, "I teach to learn." It's true and I did.

2. At lunch at Au Bon Bain Josephine introduced me to the deliciousness of cranberries covered with dark chocolate - they might knock Raisinets off my favorites list.

3. Coming home for a lovely long hot bath with a good book.

MORE. I l loved introducing new people to Patti Digh's beautiful book, Life is a Verb. If all works out - tomorrow I will hear her read from LIAV, at Barnes and Noble in either Reston or Georgetown. It will be fun to give her a big hug.

Nothing like stories and 3 beautiful things to sweeten a lament. Why do I forget that?