More than - Three Beautiful Things

The Phillips Gallery has a special exhibition of the works of two California artists, Brett Weston and Richard Diebenkorn. Its an interesting contrast of works - a winner of a show.
Weston composes tight abstract compositions in the camera frame and then prints rich, glowing black and white prints.
Richard Diebenkorn creates loose abstract color composition on canvas. These works were painted when he was in New Mexico and he captures the space and light of living in or near the desert.

The two sets of works are a foil for each other. Jim and I walked through one set of rooms and then the other and back again - seeing more by each juxtaposition.

As we leave the gallery I stop by one of my long time favorite paintings in the Phillips Collection The Egyptian Curtain by Henri Matisse. Looking at the picture brings back a memory of Ron Haynie, a special teacher, standing to the side of the picture telling our class to "hold up your finger to block out that small red spot under the white bowl - see how it holds the space." I always hold up my finger and yes, it does.

On our way to the car, inspired by Brett Weston, I take a few shots of the sculpture in the front of the gallery, looking for an abstraction to keep.

Like nothing else will - being with Art pulls me out of myself and soothes my spirit.