Home Again

Home again. Tired. Sad. Worn out.
Louise Keasler Diggle - 12/25/1915 - 8/29/2008
Mama has died.

For seventy-two hours I was one of three of her daughters who, along with Jim and another son-in-law, stayed with her around the clock.

We held her, kissed her, talked with her, combed her hair, wiped her face, prayed with her and sang to her. Her last intelligible words were "Hail Mary Full of Grace" as we said the rosary next to her bed. We were there to wave her off on her journey home and we held her at the moment of her last breath. (picture - Ellouise, Mama, Kathy)

It was sacred time. I feel sad, yes, but also grateful, graced and blessed.

For the past five years Mama's home was an assisted living facility in Concord, NC. The staff loved her and gave her sweet and loving care. They welcomed us into her room for the time we needed - fed us and were exceedingly kind and caring.

The funeral plans are underway but it will not be held until Friday.
Time for arrangements. Family to gather.
Jim and I drove eight hours home today. We will go back to North Carolina on Thursday.

In the meantime

I will gather old-time family pictures and send them to be used in the video - you know every event has to have a video these days. (Mama and Ellouise-age 5)
Wash my clothes.
Sit and think and probably cry - a lot.
tell stories on Wednesday night - a solo show of family stories.

I know I am not ready to tell stories about Mama -
I have many -
funny and sweet are the kind I tell about her.
But not now.

I think I will tell about second hand clothes, tatooed men, mistakes and mishaps.

Stories are good.

Laughing makes it bearable.