My sister Kathy loves to read. Its part of her nature. As a result she is an excellent guide to new and exciting experiences in books. I trust her recommendations implicitly.

She steered me to Elizabeth Peters and the world of Amelia Peabody, egyptologist extraordinary. That's a grand series of books that is still growing so I continue to adventure with Amelia. I particularly enjoy the recorded books versions.

And Kathy pointed out - The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Now there is an experience of adventure and history for you in the tales of time traveler, Clare, who leaves modern Boston behind when she slips through a portal back to Scotland at the time of the Battle of Culloden.

Well, last week I casually asked Kathy, "what are you reading?" and she told me about a new series she has come upon. The Rome Sub-rosa series by Stephen Saylor. Mysteries set in ancient Rome with "The Finder", a fictional detective who moves through historical times. Intriguing. "Ellouise, you have to read them in order if you want to get the history straight."

The librarian was amused as I ordered 7 books through library loan and checked out three books on the shelves in our library. And I have waited. Not as long as I expected. Today I received the notice - Roman Blood is waiting. I can get started in earnest. Its always exciting when I stand poised on the edge of a new world.

I have tested the waters with "The Finder", in a book of short stories at the early end of the series. I like the character but more I am interested in how Saylor portrays every day life in ancient times. And, how he sets his characters into real historical situations.

That's what I have loved about geneaology - what attracted me to it - you can take your band of ancestors at any period of history and see their world through the history of the times. You can create their story through the history they lived through.

When I was working with the librarian to set up the "holds" and "sends" I told her about my sister and how she leads me to good books to read.

"You are lucky to have such a good guide."

Yes! Thanks, Kathy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. Much of the pleasure of reading good books is sharing them with other readers. Don't despair-- I have more titles that I am sure you will enjoy.

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