Attitude is Everything

A few weeks ago I set a googe alert for frugal shopping. I wanted to learn how - get tips - feel motivated to be more frugal. So now I receive a list of frugal posts everyday.

Most are tips on how to clip coupons and save or how to pare down your life stye - with a heavy bent toward "giving-up" stuff. They feel more like deprived tather than frugal.Many of these call up familiar feelings of being a child who rarely had coins jingling in my pocket. I was getting discouraged.

But today's alert yielded a real prize. And its all in the way she puts it. On My Money and My Life - her post for today - 20 Reasons Frugal Living Makes Me Happy - made me feel good as I read it and I began to think about what I could do.

I read a few more of her posts. In July she wrote 4 Lazy Ways To Be More Green and Frugal.

This blog is keeper.

She reminds me - it's all in how I look at it - not just frugal and green - but how I look at life.