And more 3 BT

1. Claudia gave me a large slab from her fresh baquette to take home. It smelled so good and I was hungry so I could not wait. In the car, on Connecticutt Avenue, I pulled it out of the long white paper bakery bag and bit into it. Just right brown crunchy crust, chewy fresh baked white bread inside. Delicious. A taste of France as I turned the corner to my house.

2. Remember snail mail? Remember writing words on a piece of paper, sliding the paper into an envelope, licking the back flap, pressing the stamp on and then sending it on its way? I love email, the speed, the lack of clutter, all of that but the other night I rejoiced over snail mail. I received an intriguing message on my phone machine. A man calling from Oklahoma - "In 1991, you sent my mother a letter. She has passed on now. I don't know if she ever answered but we are working on genealogy now and would like to talk with you." He mentioned her name. I vaguely remember it. That's 17 years ago. But he did not tell me which family I had written about. Which family? He's calling me next week. I cannot wait.
17 years. Maybe he has the answer to a burning question I have forgotten.

3. It's here - the proof of my cd cover. Next week I will have this one! It is like giving birth.