Fairy Tales

And some say Fairy Tales are too violent for children? How else do you prepare them to live in a world gone mad.

I heard this first - at least five times in my kitchen - from CNN Breaking News -

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Manitoba (July 31) - A traveler aboard a Greyhound bus repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated his seat mate, pausing during the savage attack in central Canada to display the head to passengers who had fled in horror, witnesses and officials said Thursday. (from AP, world news - copied from AOL front page.)

Then read it on the AOL front page.

What's to say?

So - moving on and looking for an escape from the madness of reality -

Jim and I watched a fairy tale movie last night. My latest netflix selection. Kate and Leopold. Meg Ryan, paired with princely Hugh Jackman, plays her usual funny, pathetic young woman. In this instance she is a successful and unfulfilled 2001 New York snappy career woman who meets a handsome guy - a displaced time traveler from 19th century New York - they find each other and romance - in the end he goes back and she jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge to join him for a bride's waltz. It was well-done. We enjoyed the fun.

Tonight we are in PA. It was dark when we parked in the drive-way and I have to tell you I was nervous. Visions of maniacs lurking in the overgrowth filled my head and I clutched my cell phone. Once safely inside we began to absorb the delicious quiet - - - - no TV ranting, no bad news from where ever they can find it. Its calming - sane.

After supper we turned to another fairy tale - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Karen watched it when she was here last week-end and left it in the dvd player - we did not even have to chose - just pushed play. But, as much as Jim and I both like the Harry Potter series, we decided to pause Harry until tomorrow because this is a "dark" film. Voldamort is on the loose - the dementors are hovering - whole bunches of trouble roam the land.

We trundle off to bed with our books - to read - ahhhhhhh. Yes, that's better. The rumble of the window air-conditioner soothes us as we settle down.

I am reading Kate Jacob's The Friday Night Knitting Club - a novel set in a knitting store (great location) in New York City - where a group of women gather to knit, share their lives and know each other. Its the same turf of Making an American Quilt and The Jane Austen Book Club - warm and familiar. I like it.

Another fairy-tale? Why not!