Love Comes in Many Forms

A beautiful piece about Mama on my daughter Robin's blog.

A woman of 93 has little treasure left - but she leaves riches none the less - in the handwork she made with love.

The afghan Mama made for me is red and black - the colors were right for our den in 1974. Jim's is stitched in shades of gold to match the chairs in his consultation office. Karen's is pink and purple to match the walls in her bedroom in the 1970s which she painted hot pink and orange.

Mama loved to crochet. For more than ten years she made afghans, ponchos and capes which she passed on to her children, their spouses and her grandchildren. The the loss of her loss of sight to maccular degeneration also robbed her of her ability to crochet. She often said, "if only I could crochet."