To Georgia and Back

Saturday February 1 - sitting in the lobby of Terminal A at Reagan National Airport, DC - waiting for my Air Tran flight to Athens, Ga, memories were overwhelming. I had not been at Reagan for years - as I usually fly from Dulles or Baltimore.

Reagan Nartional Ariport, Terminal A

Terminal A still has a bit of a familiar look of the old National Airport and that prompted memories to flow over me - from my first flight into National in the 1960s to the mid-1980s when I boarded a plane here for the first leg of my trip to the UN Conference on Women in Nairobi, Kenya. In between there were so many images - picking up Bella Abzug for an appearance in DC, running off the Eastern Shuttle with Polly Bergen to make it on time for an ERA meeting at the White House, a smiling Jim waiting for me in the days when people could come to the gates, seeing Robin off to NYC for her first job, picking up Mama and Daddy for several visits, often just going somewhere with Jim - oh, there are many - and I sometimes had to fight back tears to keep from being over-whelmed by missing Jim - but look at all the stories I reconnected with  - and I am so grateful for that. Maybe there are a few to play with for later.

This Atlanta flight was my first time to fly with Air Tran - and it turned out well.

The reason for going to Georgia was to tell my Arlington story at the Occonee Library, Watkinsville, GA on February 3.  The special plus of that gig was spending a few days with family - my sister, Kathy and her husband John. Always a treat!!!!

Athens, GA, 2/14, Ellouise, Kathy and Ollie

Happy I will be going back to Athens in August as the Library has hired me to return with the Flesh on Old Bones workshop and a performance of Finding Gus!!!

Always a joy to be down South.

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