Over the Back Fence

Over the Back Fence:

Just the stuff of the every day.

 * Getting ready for the electrician tomorrow.
  * Went to Jim's old barber shop to get a hair cut.
         Looks a LOT better.
  *  Long talk with Robin to talk over  problem
         and the conversation helped.
  *  Good show at Friendship tonight.
        Two tellers - Anna Marie Trester and
         Jessica Piscitelli Robinson. GOOD
I guess the big deal is that I filled out all the registration forms for the 2014 Capital Fringe today. Paid the fees, sent the forms and signed my electronic signature on the contract. It is official. This will be my fifth Capital Fringe.

The story is cooking and I am really excited about it. Not talking too much about specifics - except that it is about women who made a difference. The more I work on shaping it the more excited I am. That's a good sign.

There is something hard about this too. I miss Jim. The longing for him sweeps over me with power enough to knock me on my hind quarters. I hope I do not really fall flat.

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