A Bit of Cabin Fever

The sun is shining bright today and I feel my mood lifting. I keep busy when house-bound so I was not aware that my mood was graying however now, with the sun out, I can feel the difference as my spirits shift.

"Cabin Fever" is one way we put it. But its really more than that. The uncertainty of what the weather will do creates some stress. I most worry about losing power and heat. We have loss both in this house before for up to a week - and that was a tough go. Even with Jim here is was tough. Now without him I dread the thought of it.

Fortunately we made it through. My daughter Karen offered and then came to stay with me so I would not be trapped here alone if we did lose power. There would be two of us to wrestle with the wood stove although she knew any shoveling would (and did) fall to her - until the neighbor's boy dug his way to the front door and cleared the walkway. A young candidate for the round table.

SO - - welcome sunshine. Hallelujah!

When I was a kid reading books of "on the prairie life, it all sounded very romantic to me - but I know for sure now that I was not cut out to be pioneer woman.

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