Winding Up July


Winding up.

One more Fringe show this Friday - and then WHEW. My Fringe Run of Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever Home is completed for this year.
It has been miserably hot in downtown DC - which led me to discover the NEW peach green tea lemonade at Starbucks and IMO it is delicious. AND, glad the Starbucks is on the corner a block from the Goethe Institut where I am performing.

Everything has been going well so I was not prepared for a SNAFU.
Sunday after my show I tripped in the lobby of the Goethe Institut. 

SPLAT.  I fell flat - took the brunt of the fall on my right knee which is now swollen and sore.  Scared everybody in the crowded reception room - the sight of a white haired woman dropping down on the floor spread eagle flat - especially one who has just completed a show about her waiting grave - well you can imagine. It caused a stir.

The Goethe guys were so helpful - one went next door to bring my son Jimmy in- which scared him quite a bit. The guy who has a show of his own about PTSD - which I had attended the other night - stayed to help. That was very sweet. It was all drama!  Drama I could have done without  - - 
especially the
bruised and sore knee I have today. I hope it is nothing. but most of all I am grateful it was not worse.

After Friday I am taking the month of August off - well almost. I will be going to the National Storytelling Network Conference in RIchmond for a few days to see people and pick up an Award. I have been honored with the 2013 ORACLE AWARD - Regional for the Mid-Atlantic States - for Service and Leadership for Storytelling. I appreciate it..... and look forward to being there to share the stage with the others who are being honored.

Then back to the real world - housework, budgets and home repairs. Until September when I will be back at work as a storyteller.

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Tara Tappert said...

Hi Ellouise --
So sorry to hear you had a fall -- but you made me laugh by telling how people responded in the lobby to a white-haired lady on the floor after telling a story about her "forever home." Ha!!! Let's get together soon, but maybe after your knee feels better.
Cheers --