Computing on Computers

Facebook has blocked me out because I forgot my password. When I asked to change it FB responded that it would be 24 hours before I could get back on. I don't understand that but that's how it is. All this started when I was hacked 6 weeks ago. To recover from the "hacking" I had to change all my passwords - and I do mean all. Passwoods that had become second nature over time - were now gone. And, I admit, in a few cases I could not regroup with the new ones. Forgot to write them down as I made them up and then they were lost too. I was recovering from all that - until the Fourth of July at our house in PA. This computer went beserk. Did not connect with the familiar network in that house and then things just went from bad to worse. Yesterday an Apple Genius fixed it by installing a new battery. He explained that my MAC's clock had gone off. It had messed up the system. I understood that. I understand what its like when your clock goes off. So, now its supposed to be fine. I was relieved. The fix was easy and cheap. Except for the Facebook situation. I am still blocked off: still unconnected. Why am I even bothering with this. Why not just accept the situation and move on. There are plenty of other things for me to do around here - from rehearsing my Fringe show to folding the laundry. But I am unsettled - without my Facebook FIX during the day. I have come to rely on FB as a diversion everyday - as a way to feel connected in my life that has become so unconnected without Jim's presence. Damn! As a way to feel busy without doing the painful things that need doing like clearing out the everyday reminders of another life. DAMN! Grief at work again! But maybe its a good thing that I can see it. So, I guess that is why I am bothering to blather about it.

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