Where are the battery cables?

Two more days until my OPENING show at the Capital Fringe.

I am excited - but not in the same way that I used to be.
I have done this before -
This is my fourth year at the Fringe.

Jim is not here to share it with - and I miss him.
He not only helped me - we enjoyed Fringing.

This is another part of getting used to my new life -

For a year developing the Arlington Story has been "my job" and focusing on that has helped me to stay on track and get "back together" - if that is possible. And now - the newness and intensity of it is winding down.

There are other things looming on the horizon - and that's good.

*  an art show with a group at American University in August
*  storytelling gigs in September, October and November
*  a couple of storytelling trips
*  plans for the annual storytelling pig-out in Tennessee
*  continuing the monthly storytelling series and my TV shows
*  facing up to my new life and where that is going

All this coincides with my birthday next week.

So you could stay I am at a perfect juncture to re-start my life.
Its sort of like tottering at the edge of a cliff.

Now, if I could just find a Workbook to help me get started.

Or better yet - a set of battery cables.

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