Capital Fringe Opens in 5 Days

The 7th Annual Capital Fringe Performing Arts Festival opens July 11.

Have you ever dipped into the wide and exciting array of acts and performances offered during the three weeks of the Fringe. Its a rich and varied menu from storytelling, musicals, drama and comedy.
There is something for everybody. Check it out. 

I love the fringe and try to see as many difference performances as I can work in. When this feast opens up  - I gorge myself.

This will be my fourth year presenting a one-person show. Call is storytelling or spoken word. Its what I do - and I particularly like performing on the Capital Fringe Bill.

Let me tell you about my show, Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever Home. I hope you will check it out and then I hope you will BUY A TICKET
and come to see the show.

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