Little bits

Life keeps you on your toes.

Looking through my pictures I found this little drawing. I like it.
Never did any others. Now I cannot remember how I did it.
That ever happen to you?

I was with a friend recently for coffee.
Time to go.
She could not find her car keys.
She then we went through her purse.
Finally she went back to her car
Had she dropped them
She had left them in the ignition
With the motor running.
That gives you pause.

The last two months my electric bill has been astronomical
$200 more than ever before
When I have less going on here than ever.
Needless to say it was a stab in the budget.

The utility company hardly answers and then could care less.
Yes, its been hotter than hot - but I can't believe that's the reason.
But they won't come to check the meter.
Instead they sent someone who installed a new "smart" meter -
which I can read.
And someday they will read meters from far away over the computer
And, we will talk about the days when the "meter reader" used to come to the house.

I called to have the A/C checked.
They came out - - that's not the culprit.

The guy who came has been tending to our AC and heat for 20 years. When he heard that Jim had died -
  he took lots of time to check the vents, the filters, and instruct me on the idiocyncracies of the 
  thermostat - and to tell me how warmly he remembered Jim and his interest in him.

Another legacy to me from Jim. 

When they come I am very grateful.


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