Her Name is Lorla


Introducing Lorla.

 Jim and I gave this doll to his mother in California years ago and reclaimed it when she died. We kept this little cutie on a shelf in our den where she watched over us like a kindly sprite for quite a long time until we removed her to a storage box for safe keeping.

When I ran across a photo of her the other day the sight of her touched a soft spot in me.  I wondered what she would have to say about my life these days so I will ask her to be a guest blogger here from time to time.

Her name is Lorla.

I am curious ... will she notice that I have changed over the past months to the point that some days I hardly recognize my reactions to my world. Probably because I do not recognize the world most of the time...and certainly don't claim it as my world yet.

More will be revealed.

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