1. A sweet memory to add to my collection as I review 2011.

Ellouise and Lynda in Granny's front yard at 2308 E. 7th Street.
circa 1942

During WWII Daddy joined the US Army Air Force. We were so proud to wear these "over-seas" hats he gave us. And, we worked hard to learn a proper salute.

When I was in Charlotte this past February I told the story of the day I started the first grade at Elizabeth School for an assembly of first and second grade students. Elizabeth is the school where Daddy took me the on the first day of school and then left for the "war." Being back at Elizabeth School is one of the sweet memories from this past year.

My sister Lynda lives in North Carolina and I talk to her often. Sometimes we talk about the "old-days" and share memories of people who are gone -- but mostly we share the "dailies" of our lives so that we know each other well today. We laugh, exchange recipes and talk about our grandchildren. I am grateful for her friendship and appreciate and admire this loving, compassionate woman - - - who is my sister.

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