A Different Prayer

Collaged Book

I made this book
from magazine scraps
the night before Jim
had serious surgery
20 years ago.

Worried and afraid
I worked all night
at the kitchen table
snipping colored scraps
from a magazine
hardly knowing what I was doing
just following an instinct
to make a pattern of images.

These days I am once again
worried and afraid
for Jim
cancer a mean and silent menace
after two years of quiet
has re-emerged
and is threatening.

These nights I use technology
for diversion
learning new skills
editing audio files for
The New Front Porch radio program
or watching streaming Net Flix
movies into the wee hours.

Whatever I am doing
is a prayer for healing.

Story too is prayer
bits of love
precious moments
stitch a healing shawl.


Debbie Couture said...

Ellouise, I'll pray for healing too. Your words carried so much meaning. I believe in the power of prayer.

Tara Tappert said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jim, Ellouise . . . blessings to the both of you as together you take the cancer journey. Do you know about the amazing work of Smith Center for Healing and the Arts? I love this center for the work they do for individuals and families dealing with cancer.

Karen Graham said...

Hi Ellouise, I'm sorry that Jim has cancer. Your art can help you to release the emotions that come along with illness. Please tell Jim I said hello and I am praying for you both.

Carol Connolly said...

Ellouise, you and Jim are in my prayers as you face this together.

Granny Sue said...

Always you two are in my heart and prayers, Ellouise. Wish I could be there with you in those wee hours.

Denise Bennett said...

Ellouise, I will pray for Jim and for you and your family. Thank you for your post. I too find story to be a powerful form of prayer.

Hilary K. actor said...

So sorry to hear about Jim. Sending healing thoughts to both of you.

Kate Dudding said...

Sending you all thoughts of strength and hope and whatever else you now need. Many, many hugs.

Anonymous said...

Your poem is a beautiful expession of your pain, Ellouise. My heart goes out to you. Jim is a lovely man, and he loves you so much. You are both in my prayers.

Linda Goodman