Re-Gifting - 2

Jim and I are not
shopping in the Malls this year
to tell you the truth
it is a relief

Sticking to 
shopping at home
has taken us quite a while
to select the gifts

The first rule for Re-gifting
is that
the gifts have to be carefully chosen
its just clearing out

so we have taken a lot of time
to think
about the people we are giving to
to choose gifts that speak of them

Believe it or not - this is harder
it takes more effort
to re-gift
than to pick up the new and shiny
in a store

Second rule:
you have to be
to part with one of the treasures.

Thinking it would simplify things
I suggested we decide on a theme
 - - books - -

Strangely that did not make the chosing
it made it more difficult.

its taken quite a bit of sifting and rummaging 
to find just the one
a book -
that connects with each person
from the ones that Jim and I have loved
and kept

But voila

last night we finished the list
we wrap!

After Christmas
I will
post the titles along with the who and why of our choices.

Hope you have
also completed your shopping
and moved on
to wrapping.

                                                                                   Happy Holidays.

1 comment:

Granny Sue said...

I love it, Ellouise. We're doing a homemade Christmas this year. All gifts for my sons and their families are made my us (well, me mostly!). They have so much, and with retirement the income is less--but I love to make things.

I really like the book re-gifting idea. Like you, I have many, many books. But choosing just the right one for each person? That is a labor of love indeed.