Nanny's Christmas Ditty

Nanny's Old English Christmas Ditty

Playing with another way to tell as story or a bit of a story. Lots to learn - that's for sure - but it really is fun.

If my friends, Bernadette Nason and Geraldine Buckley had recorded Nanny's little bit they would be charming you with their wonderful, authentic British accents. However, when Nanny taught it to me she spoke with a very fine North Carolina soft drawl - even though Elizabeth Grose, her London-born grandmother must have been speaking the "King's English" when she taught it to Nanny.

First, I recorded the "ditty" into Garage Band - then selected the picture, a photo I took outside Gettysburg and later digitally altered - used IMovieHD to create the "movie".

What's not to love about technology!


Kate Dudding said...

I say "Gesundteit" when someone sneezes eventhough that last of my family who were born in Germany were my great-grandparents, my father's father's parents. By the way, they named their first born son, born in the US, George Washington Eike :-)

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