A Williamsburg Wreath to keep the spirit of Christmas in mind.

16 days until Christmas.

Will I shop?
I don't think so - unless it is at home.

I am not a Mall person.
Actually dislike the jostling crowds
and the over-whelming temptations
that have me bending and breaking my plastic cards.

I think I will carefully select
and re-gift
items I already have.

Nothing wrong with that  - -

Give items I once loved
that have been gathering dust
A second chance.

It will be a kind of
Occupy ---
a sharing
if you will.

I can tell you one thing

Jim will approve.

This will be a Christmas
for appreciating 
the richness
of the blessings we already have.

Jim is my greatest gift. 

What's your's.

1 comment:

Divalicias said...

Love this! Thank you, Ellouise. My greatest gifts are my sons who are delightful to be around.