Taking a Plunge

Here I am a year ago
at the Capital Fringe.
Had just had surgery
and felt revived by the performing.

Introduced Pushing Boundaries.
and it went well and I have told the story since - college venues and at The Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
So - here I am again.

My new show, Finding Gus, opens at the 2011 Capital Fringe in less than a week.
I am excited, scared and very busy.
Juggling the marketing, planning - etc
And I have decided to re-vamp the show.
Some timing issues I want to resolve a different way.

Lordy lordy - what am I thinking.
But I think it will be better for the story
and that's really what matters.

That's one of the particular challenges of a one-woman how
its not a string of separate stories - to be tinkered with individually
its a whole cloth.
Like a painting or collage
it has to be tightly woven together.

For me this is when I get the storytelling and the visual art really working together.

And - that's the FUN of it.
Maybe its crazy - I am taking a chance at this late date
however that brings me closer to working on the high wire that I do with collage and fabric
Fix it
Find the solution to make the composition work

For me - the process is the ART of the thing.

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