Grace of Days - Day One

Playing with the Hipstamatic App on my Cell Phone is FUN and the closest I have been to "making art" in months. I miss that - the making art.

So - - when you are lucky enough to find something to get you back in touch with making art -- and that is as simple and non-messy as this- Go For It.

I have always been like that actually - drawn to the new, shiny, and interesting. Easily diverted - until something really HITSs.

Like storytelling - total focus.

I love telling stories. I love listening to stories and congregating with storytellers and I am grateful for the interesting and wonderful people I have been lucky to meet these past years. But - yes another but, in some ways its narrowed my life - or at least my Facebook Friends look that way - they are mostly storytellers -

Now that's good. Knowing a lot of people in your profession - feeling warm and friendly to them - having people to commune with - its all GOOD.  BUT- as I work to call people to come see "Finding Gus" I find that this solo world has limited my ability to spread the word. Think about it - my colleagues are supportive and encouraging - but can't fill the seats - they have their own work to do.

Facebook does not touch all of my world, that's true. Why? Because a large segment of my acquaintances and friends do not use Facebook - in fact, they do not use a computer. They are intimidated by technology or shy away from Social Media. I am grateful to be so curious about technology. Drawn to like its a magnet. Its fascinating.

I know how lucky I am - to have grandsons who teach me and my daughter, Robin, a Social Media expert who got me started and steers me long the road.

The Internet is a chasm that separates generations leaving the older segment out of touch with large groups of younger colleagues and family members. When, like me, you are straddling the two worlds first you have to SEE the problem and then look for solutions. Right now, I am a bit short on solutions - but thinking more clearly about the issues.

Today is July 5   - 9 days until My Diamond Jubilee is no longer something coming up. It will be HERE - KABOOM.

Have not completely sorted out how I feel about that yet.

First though, I am grateful to BE here. Thank you God for the Grace of Days.

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