Happy Fourth of July, Working and new Fun.

Preview of the Fringe
Friday night - the hub-bub and noise of the Fringe Preview Party.
Outside in the sultry DC evening - hot and oppressive.
Meeting people - exchanging promo
cards - getting ready for the opening of the Capital Fringe Thursday July 7.
My show was not selected for a 5 minute preview on the Showcase Stage. I was disappointed but not surprised. Finding Gus is more conservative than the usual Fringe Show and I am not billing it as "funny". There are moments of humor - but it does not bring on fits of belly-shaking laughs. The show is heart-warming - about Love, Loss and Reunion. And about the search to find Gus' story.
Even if I do say so myself - its a wonderful story. And the surprise is the FOOTBALL history. Gus was a powerful and aggressive footballer for Clemson and then NC A&M (now NC State) in the days (circa 1904-10) when picking up a football on the field could be a deadly move.

Marketing Gus
I have worked at the marketing. Facebook, of course and Twitter, which is new for me  - - so I have a steep learning curve with Tweets. And then the usual stuff, press releases, calls - etc.  Storyteller Sue Black posted an interesting article on the WEB clearly outlining the trap of marketing to your own audience - i.e. storytellers to storytellers. Robin has told me that for months and I kind of understood it - but this time, I heard it. Probably because I am mired in it. Taking a hard look at what I am doing. May not be able to fix it for this show - but I will certainly change the approach I take - and try to share the info with others.

OLD GLORY flying for the Fourth.
That flag - "Old Glory" is flying in Gettysburg - a place where history and patriotism oozes from the bricks. God Bless is all - and our Liberty - and keep the troops safe. I am thinking of one young woman in particular.
Jim and Karen and I came to PA for the week-end. Its been a nice get-away - not that I haven't been working ---because I have. The computer goes everywhere. But it it deeply QUIET here. We never have hooked up a television cable. There is no news. WE have stepped outside the flow of noise and world angst. That in itself is a great gift.


Well where is the Fun?Its a new APP.

I read on Facebook that a great looking photo was done with a new App - Hipstamatic - - for iPods, iPhones and I assume iPads. I was too curious not to check out the Apple APP Store. Its cheap. $1.99 and fun. When you take the picture it replicates the look of the old Instamatic camera - anybody remember those. I think we still have a couple in a box in the closet.
To try it out I took a few random shots in our PA bedroom.

Yep - that really is the wall-paper. I couldn't believe it either when we bought this house but its grown on me. Maybe waiting for these photographs.

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