Hard to believe that its been a week since I wrote something on the blog. Wow. That's really a change for me -
and what that means is that I have been BUSY - Fringing. Telling my program
Finding Gus at the DC Capital Fringe.

Its not over. I have this week off at the Fringe - to go to tell stories at the Toe River Storytelling Festival in NC and then I will be back here with three more performances of Finding Gus aka My Diamond Jubilee.

There have been great moments and then plunges into pits. Somedays I have felt like I was working on a new workshop "How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot while Fringing" - mix-ups with the name of the show - my fault.  And other similar bloopers.

But such good stuff too:

A House Concert the week before the Fringe - with good listeners and their feed-back.

Trying a NEW show and knowing that its working - even though there will be tweaks and changes.

On-line Examiner
DC Theatre Scene
Maryland Theatre Guide

And - as always - Jim is there: supporting, encouraging, carting and lifting and this time - as em-cee.

Along with family and friends. It takes a whole lot of folks to do these shows.

The 2011 Fringe is rich with a wide variety of shows and I am seeing as many as I can work in.
Jim and I have seen a bunch of good shows  - well-done, entertaining, hitting different notes and using a range of approaches. Fringe is such a great opportunity to see rich performance pieces.

Fringe makes a place for storytelling but the majority of programs are some variation of "theater" and I am really enjoying that. Pushing Boundaries last year was a 60 minute bio piece - that followed a story line. Gus is another one-woman show that is a 60 minute piece with the smaller story clips drawn together to make the whole for the story. I see each of these as vignettes or small chapters. And for the first time I have a teeny-tiny attempt at staging.

I am thinking, thinking, thinking. Enjoying walking the fine line between storytelling and theater.

We will see more shws when we get back from NC.

Then I can tell you about the ones I loved.

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