Winding Up - Another Story

Here it is
The national storytelling festival is over for another year
But Jim and I are still here
We are in Jonesborough.

Y ou know something
I am ready to go home.

We came on Thursday
Not knowing that Jim was incubating some powerful bugs
By Thursday night they attacked
and his temperature suddenly spiked.

IV antibiotics is what you need
to take care of those things
he was admitted to the Johnson City Medical Center
and here he has been ever since.

Jim got well
But he did not get to the festival
I bounced back and forth between the story tents and Room 2316

This year we have both come to know this area in a new way
through a different kind of stories.
We have been surrounded by soft, familiar southern accents
which wrap me in feelings of being at home and hugged by memories.

Storytellers are indigenous here
Every one working in this hospital has the story-gene
History of the area,
Family stories,
Ghost stories,
Personal experiences

Life is the STUFF of their stories

Jim is almost well now - and that's what is the most important thing to me
In his getting well
we have both been nourished by the story telling culture I come from.

1 comment:

Granny Sue said...

Oh my. What a thing to happen, Ellouise. I am glad he is well and you can come home. Bless the man, he is a trouper, isn't he? As are you. Sending a hug to both of you.