Sunday - Small fire in Jonesborough

A fire truck arrived. Volunteer fire fighters wearing all their protective gear jumped out and headed into the building.

Some one had noticed wisps of smoke from the second floor window and called in the alarm. At first I could not see the smoke - then as it got larger I spotted it - it continued to grow as smoke filled the room

On-lookers gathered. People passing by stopped and joined the crowd. A woman emerged from the building cradling her cat.

When two firemen reached the apartment upstairs they broke in the door, raised the windows to let some of the smoke out and extinguished the fire. At one point the firemen set up a large hose which could pull the smoke from the building.

A fireman emerged from the building. He was carrying a second cat. The cat squirmed free, jumped the brick-walk walk and ran up the alley. The fireman pursued the cat. When he returned with the cat firmly in his grasp the crowd applauded.

It was a moment.

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