Switch the Paradigm

Stop, look and listen.
Not doing enough of that lately.

Three Beautiful Things:
1. Bright sunny days, warm enough to eat our sandwiches outside. These days will pass soon - so relishing them now.
2. Scratching things off my list - those lines through writing make me feel productive and a bit lighter. Yesterday we finally got over to the AT&T store to have Jim's Verizon number moved over to the AT&T account. Ahhhhhhh! It sounds like a small thing - but its been on the list for weeks. Does that happen to you? Something that started out as a grain of sand lingers until it weighs a ton.
3. Eureka - I figured out how to download and edit a movie from the video camera. For months I have been telling myself I couldn't -- today - like the little train - I decided to try and - voila--- I could. All in switching the paradigm. Isn't that always the way?

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