Thursday -

Getting ready to leave.
Going to West Virginia for a couple of days
for the West Virginia Storytelling Institute.

Presenting Flesh on Old Bones
my workshop on making stories out of your
genealogy and family history.

Thinking about it
Going through the papers
Assembling the stuff
Brings back ideas for stories I meant to write
and haven't yet.

Thinking about that
What's best
To go back and finish up
Or leave it for the next to come along.

Except that now I am the elder
The one who has the first hand knowledge
Who was there
Or heard the story
Or knew the house before the wrecking ball
Or heard them while laughter filled their hearts.

Hmm m m m m m
How did that get to be?

1 comment:

Granny Sue said...

Yes--we're the front line now, aren't we?