Sitting at the kitchen table in our house in Pennsylvania I can see stretches of broken up patches of white snow that still blanket the fields that surround us. Our place sits on the corner edge of fields that belong to others so we can enjoy watching how the seasons change them without having to do one lick of work about it.

Jim and I drove up last night in easy traffic. Once in the house we felt wrapped in the quiet. Right now I hear him gently turning his book pages and my computer typing sounds like an old upright. No cars, no television! Good brain resting time. This is our first time up here since November and we have missed it. The sleeping is so easy.

We are here now because I am telling stories today in New Oxford at a large retirement facility. They are having a volunteer appreciation day for their current volunteers and to recruit new folks. Belgian waffles and calorie laden sauce being served afterwards. YUMMMMM. I don't know what stories I will tell until I meet the folks but that's OK. Winging it is fun! Its a bit of "high wire" dancing. Good for keeping me on my toes.

I will be back later to post the New Friday Video.

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