Monday - Tax Time Lament

Good morning sunshine.
Feels good sitting here in the bright light.
I am dressed for battle.
Wearing my lavendar sweat shirt with the turtle doves cooing on the front.
I even have my black loafers on.

Yesterday I did not dress. Just lounged around in my nightgown all day like a slug. Ever do that? Soaking in slob-i-ness while my batteries charge for the coming week.

Hatching plans for the days ahead. Making mental lists. Avoiding the real thing I know I will be doing today - the TAXES.
I hate them.
That's it, pure and simple -
I hate the taxes.

Doing the taxes intimidates me.
Reminds me that I have not kept neat and clean records
I will have to sort and search in order to complete them.

It won't be easy.
It won't be simple.
I will have made it hard.
Every year I resolve to do better.

Surely I am not the only one.

By the end of the day Jim and I will not be cooing
We will be more than cross with each other.

Look I am not an accountant.
I do not have an affinity for numbers
Making a stack of numbers come out right is not my thing
The truth is
I am math challenged.

I understand money - its for spending

And, I know you have to work for it.

Elude me.

But - - not today.

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Debbie Couture said...

Do you use Turbo Tax Ellouise? That seems to help my husband a lot. I am thankful that he does them. Best of luck ,I know it's not fun, Debbie